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The researchers found that the positive effects of an intervention focused on father engagement (e.g., higher levels of father engagement, better couple relationship quality, and lower levels of problem behaviors in their children) were better sustained over time for fathers who participated in the program with their co-parenting spouse or partner in comparison to fathers who attended alone.

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The control parents volunteered to complete the surveys for compensation of and were notified that they could participate in the RME program at a later date.Researchers have found that conflict between parents has the potential to negatively affect children’s cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development (Ablow, Measelle, Cowan, & Cowan, 2009; Adamson & Thompson, 1998; Buckhalt, El-Sheikh, & Keller, 2007; El-Sheikh, Buckhalt, Keller, Cummings, & Acebo, 2007; Grych et al., 2003; Mc Dowell & Parke, 2009).The spillover hypothesis is useful for investigating these family processes and individual outcomes.However, few applied studies have tested whether efforts to enhance the couple and co-parenting relationship result in benefits to the children, and no research exists that tests these assumptions with underrepresented populations.This article provides information on an ongoing novel study of Head Start parents and their children.

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