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It wouldn’t have occurred to him that Georgie was forced to take on an incredible amount of adult responsibility, or that his whole family made him the priority so he could pursue his education, or that — as viewers of have learned — Georgie and Sheldon’s twin sister Missy spent most of their childhoods thinking they were dumb in comparison to their brother.

Now, the person Sheldon has evolved into across 11 seasons — with a big dose of credit also due to the patient and caring friendships of Penny, Raj, Howard, and especially Leonard — can recognize and appreciate the role Georgie has played in his life and his successes.

But [ takes place] five years before [George’s death].

And people change and grow and develop, and things happen over the course of many years.

“What is he even using that stethoscope to listen to? He tells Sheldon to ask him nicely, and then he’ll attend. Sheldon flees, but Leonard returns by himself to try to patch up the Cooper brothers’ rift. Sheldon remembers Georgie as a bully who made his life as a boy genius even more difficult, making him feel afraid in his own home.

But when George took that costume away all those years ago, it was because Sheldon was going to dress up like Madam Curie.

The goopy eyes do put a damper on Raj’s romance efforts, temporarily, as he drips into his date’s dinner, the very date he planned to take to the Shamy wedding.

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With a mom boycott of his big day looming, Sheldon drags Leonard along on a flight to Texas, where they’ll extend the wedding invitation in person.Sheldon is even in a place where he can say “I’m sorry” for his missteps, and “thank you” to George Jr.It ensures his whole family will be in Pasadena to witness his wedding to Amy.because she’s in line ahead of him at the pharmacy, picking up her own prescription for pink-eye medication.• Just one quibble about the perfectly cast Jerry O’Connell as Georgie: What is up with that awful wig?

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