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Get that thing purring, rev it, and you can ride that rocket to the moon, baby. Online, somebody noticed that the photo of the teacher was from a Japanese porno movie.

For instance, "1-10" would mean one minute of regular time, after which you must play ten stones per minute.

Tygem Baduk Server: Operated by the Korean Amateur Baduk Associatiion, the sponsor of the American pro tournament. As of October 2013, OGS is a merger of the “old OGS,” a turn-based server with, a real-time server running in a web browser.

Wbaduk: The Korean Amateur Association wants to promote baduk to the world. Play OK: Play go, among other strategic and card games on this HTML5-based server.

A great place to get a lesson from a stronger player.

The client is cross-platform, using Java, and works on any of the major operating systems.

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