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The SPAs are there to protect rare birds including the Dartford warbler, woodlark and nightjar. The plan looks at ways of new housing being able to be built within the 5km planning exclusion zone protecting the six Special Protection Areas (SPA) in place in the borough. However one Guildford resident has a more relaxed view, as his letter written to a local newspaper shows: "I cannot understand why the abundance of potholes causes so much concern. Following the long period of cold weather during the winter of 2009/2010 there has been a major groundswell of anger at the state of the roads throughout the Wey Valley. Traffic permitting of course, but perhaps that will not be such a problem with petrol at six pounds a gallon." The Villagers Pub in Blackheath near Guildford are witness to an unusual nesting place for a pair of blue tits. Our pothole helps preserve the environment as it makes a favoured bird bath for the local blackbird community. The Roman's adapted the route and in the 19th century it appeared on Ordnance Survey maps as the Pilgrim's Way, although this has been dropped from modern maps in favour of the name North Down's Way as this romantic notion practically suggested that the pilgrims made famous by Chaucer would have to make a 30 mile diversion from their most direct route to Canterbury in order to use it. An important prehistoric trackway ran through Pewley Down which formed part of a route running from the Kent coast.

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Transmitter masts were first erected here in the 1950s on the ridge of the Hog's Back to provide booster signals for radio and television transmissions.

the trial broadcasts will be received by homes in south west London.

The BBC have chosen the Guildford transmitters from where to start testing their introduction of High Definition (HD) broadcasts into the UK through the Freeview service.

Close to Henley Fort is a high-tech landmark that can be seen clearly for many miles around.

The fort located at the end of The Mount, overlooks 22 acres of open space for camping, has two bunk houses sleeping 20 people, a dining hall for 80, a Home Guard hut, air raid shelter and powder rooms.

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