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People have asked me if I'm going to play Nightwish songs live and the answer has always been no. Hopefully people will like this album, and as long as it sells and I get an audience I'll be able to go out play for them, which would be nice."First single 'Lies' is a solid start for Olzon in that it has a little bit of everything to offer; guitars, pop elments, and folk-oriented dynamics.

Since her highly publicized and decidedly ugly firing from NIGHTWISH in 2012 - the reasons for which still remain murky - she's been the target of keyboard warrior badmouthing, having exchanged the Anette vs Tarja slugfest (her daily reality from the moment she joined the band) for an Olzon vs Nightwish cage match.

But there was one thing that disturbed Tuomas to no end: also the second victim looked like Tarja.

I absolutely adore the US series Monk and kinda got inspired by it.

It's not a move most bands can afford to make in today's music industry economy. And yet, 48 hours after Olzon was cut loose former After Forever vocalist Floor Jansen had taken over her post on stage, ultimately becoming the band's permanent singer."It's hard for me to say why the firing happened when it did because I don't really know what happened behind my back," says Olzon.

"I think there were some things happening that I didn't know about.

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