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I am just guessing that your life is no worse than that of millions of other teenagers.

But then I looked at your age, and I thought, 'How brave of her, how strong she must be to defy her Depression, and find a way of asking for help! Janet, I know nothing about your family, where you live, how you were treated as a little child, what pressures there are on you.

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In fact, you are ahead of me: you know that someone, somewhere, can help you. I am a psychologist and help people like you, because I have been terribly depressed myself. Start now to steer your life towards being someone who can help others to fight their problems.

'No-one loves me.' (or something similar like 'I have no friends at all.') Janet, every time a thought involves 'always', 'never' 'everyone', 'no-one' and so on, it is GUARANTEED to be wrong. Another girl is allowed to have a few pimples, and still be attractive, but if I do, it proves that no-one could love me. 'This is TERRIBLE.' 'Everything is so hateful.' Whenever something bad happens in your world or shown on the news, Depression zeroes in on it and uses it as proof that the world is a terrible place.And if despite all this you manage to have a good experience, Depression will make you forget it very soon. It is the one that drives so many sufferers to suicide, it was the lie that stopped me from seeking help. You have already taken the first courageous step in defeating your depression: posting this cry for help.Now take the second: organize therapy with that person.Scientists have studied the way Depression affects people, and have developed this method -- and I had done the same for myself.And all this time, I believed myself to be stupid and useless, because that's what my Depression had said to me, and I simply accepted it as true.

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