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In March 1994 former CRI employee Brad Sparks brought a frivolous and malicious lawsuit against us and—with the aid of a few other disgruntled former employees—has broadly disseminated his false and defamatory allegations against CRI to the public.His goal has clearly been to smear the good name of CRI and its president.

But the Christian must recognize that Satan can attack a work of God in this way.

Yates commented that the deeper he probed, the better the organization looked, and that the organization is as clean as any of the many well-known and reputable Christian ministries that he represents.

We have therefore now been released to answer Sparks and the “Group,” and that is the purpose of this document.

His gifts and personal charisma were the centrifugal force that held the ministry together for more than 29 years.

Although some on the research staff seemed to believe that they were more informed and more scholarly than Walter himself, they hesitated to stand up against the founder of the ministry.

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