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The origin of the word jazz is one of the most sought-after word origins in modern American English.

"Whenever one of the players rolled the dice he would shout 'Come on, the old jazz.'" Assuming the accuracy of this noncontemporaneous recollection, the craps use of jazz appears to be a nonce-use and does not provide much information about the word's origin.

Jasm itself would be, according to this assumption, the intermediary form.

(Compare the analogous relationship between the slang terms spasm "a sudden burst of energy", as in spasm band, and spaz(z).) Other proposed origins include French jaser, meaning to chatter or chat, and French chasser, meaning to chase or hunt.

A more lasting influence emerged in 1913, in a series of articles by E. "Scoop" Gleeson in the San Francisco Bulletin, found by researchers Peter Tamony (who carried out the pioneering research in this area) and Dick Holbrook, that likely were instrumental in bringing jazz to a broader public.

These initial articles were written in Boyes Springs, California, where the San Francisco Seals baseball team was in training.

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