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She developed computer skills in her free time there, and after graduating from college worked for a dot-com company as a website administrator.After the company went under during the dot-com bubble burst of 2000, her friend Catherine Schwartz got her hired at Tech TV in 2001, and Webb became employed as the associate producer and web researcher for The Screen Savers.She answered, "I was born and raised in the United States." Despite saying this, during Morgan Webb's first television appearance on Tech TV, Morgan says she is Canadian and proceeds to teach about Canada.During an episode of a role-playing stream, she stated, "I am also partly Canadian - I was raised by a Canadian." As an infant and small child, Webb appeared in advertisements for Gerber baby food, Kenner Toys, and an ad for Mc Donald's, where she recited the ingredients of the Big Mac to a game of Pat-a-cake.In January 2009, Webb suspended Webb Alert indefinitely due to issues with maintaining it on a daily basis concurrently with her hosting duties on X-Play.

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Webb won the poll and was offered a nude photo shoot, but she refused, despite being "very flattered", citing her own personal reasons and her parents' objection to the idea.

In February 2007, Webb wrote her final column for the magazine, which discontinued its U. On occasion, Webb departed from the regular news format in favor of an episode on one particular topic of interest.

Examples included a recap of the annual TED Conference, a viral video special showcasing "future 'Darwin Award' winners", and tech-centric "Holiday Buyer's Guides".

After Sessler's employment was terminated in April 2012, Webb was the only original Tech TV personality remaining on the network.

In August 2005, Webb became a contributing game columnist for FHM, alongside her regular hosting duties on X-Play.

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