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I’m glad I’m more real and honest then most in this biz, I think you will all respect me more for doing so.

I’m perfect for newbies for apts /sessions as I am so down to earth, funny and open, and I love to please guys, what i say here as I’ve said before is my sounding board my diary for you all to see, but I ask you in nyc and others I really need your help to save to go home so i can live a long life with my family, if youd like to help me please email me at [email protected] call me at 9 but no BS or cons I have had that happen almost daily half the so called new fans need a kick up the ass, a bloody education and some respect for a lady even tho she works 😉 I respect you, you at least know who I am and don’t question a rate that has been around for 15yrs.

this is not a joke, for now I am a bodybuilder who loves to please and have fun and is def not a clock watcher, scroll down read a new review, I pray this trip goes better than the last one where clients cancelled on the day half of the time, there was no need of this and i hope this never happens again, i just want to live happily in the usa and have support from fans.

maybe this will be the tour that turns things around.

her boyfriend when she went outside said to forgive her and my response was you have the wrong woman….

LMAO As my car is still and the guy I bought it from in cash in 2011 as I lost my title is being a dick and wont just send me the correct paperwork to show I don’t have a lean on my car, i think it;s fishy something is not right, he avoided me for 2 weeks until i got mad then he said I don’t talk to people whom are mad which is very funny as for 2 weeks before the day I got mad i txt daily to say is there any problems issues etc? the car was paid for in that’s just another problem as I have to walk everywhere, in direct 90 heat u get wet through in 10 mins or it rains. I’m walking back home and 2 people on a bike shout out THAT’S A MAN.

We search hard and wide to bring you the hunkiest in male muscle, fitness jocks, bodybuilders and male athletes! We pay them well, we pay them on time, and we work hard to take care of our guys!

I was taught by 70s 80s bodybuilders and fitness people shit you can’t read on the internet, it’s something that’s instictive the last person to ask my advice this yr won her first pro show. my passion also reaches out to those who want to drop that 20 lbs 40, 60. K people is I can now meet you as well as talk to you.Dear Friends, I am missing many of you 😉 I am writing this from the U. having lived in the USA for 11 yrs as you get older 😉 and wiser you do realize how important family is.K, I returned home to visit 2 weeks ago to take care of several things that I have been waiting to do for a longtime, plus opening my eyes to new projects,which are mostly long term . For now I am remaining in the UK, so if anyone does try to call my USA number then it will not work sorry.I hope for now you can respect this and still love me for what I have given my life….bodybuilding. In the new year I will post a new cell/mobile number plus I will reply to anyone whom wants my help with their health and fitness goals or comp goals the 1st week on in January.For those who like a little tease please check out new footage done this year at 71258.

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