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White House officials have been characterizing the cancellation letter Trump sent to Kim as a negotiating tactic, one that is purportedly designed to bring the North back to the table.(Associated Press) 3/ A top North Korean official is headed to New York to discuss the possibility of reviving the canceled nuclear summit with Kim Jong Un."We have seen no benefit," said union president Brandon Judd. (Los Angeles Times) 3/ Trump wanted to call off the North Korean summit before Kim Jong Un could beat him to the punch.Another 750 troops may soon be added to fill support roles and the total deployment could reach nearly 4,000 troops, according to Army Lt. "There was no hint of this yesterday," said a person briefed on the summit preparations."No matter what I say or do," Costello said recently, "I feel all I do is answer questions about Donald Trump rather than health insurance or tax policy." Costello also cited the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's decision to redraw his district as a major factor in his decision not to run again.(CNN / The Hill) 6/ Trump will impose investment restrictions against China, file litigation against China at the World Trade Organization, and impose tariffs on billion worth of Chinese goods by the end of June.Defense Secretary James Mattis was not involved in the discussions on Wednesday about canceling the meeting, but Trump said he called Mattis about it Thursday morning.The decision happened so quickly that the White House was unable to give congressional leaders and key allies advance notice, and the letter to Kim was sent out while more than two dozen foreign journalists and several U. citizens were still inside North Korea covering the demolition of a nuclear test site.

Fifty-nine percent of Americans believe that, and 60% of Independents and 91% of Democrats feel the same way.

Ivanka Trump already held more than a dozen trademarks in China, as well as multiple pending trademark applications.

Her father holds more than 100 trademarks in China.

(NBC News / Politico) 4/ Mueller's team has been investigating Roger Stone's finances as part of the probe into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians during the 2016 election.

Mueller has questioned Stone's associates about his finances, including his tax returns.

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