Camyrose recorded video

If security cameras are the backbone of a security system, then the video recorder is the brain.

Video recorders are available in 2 basic types: The Digital video recorder (DVR) and the Network video recorder (NVR) and allow the information your security cameras capture to be stored for later use.

The biggest move will be sliding third year guard Eddy Nkerabahizi over to the point to split time with fifth year senior Darian Smigorowsky.

The head coach will be looking at a potential 20-minute/20-minute split between the two guards.

While it was painful to go through, everyone got to play because they had to, and Drabiuk saw just what young players like Hunter, Jake Frostad, Austin Brulotte, Nathan Bowie, and Elijah Schmuland.

The latter of which likely would have hardly touched the floor otherwise, but he impressed with his energy and raw instincts in the low post.

Video recorders are available in 4-channels, up to 32 or more channels and the amount of storage space goes into the terabytes.

A security camera recorder is fundamentally the same as a computer.

For this reason, computers of many kinds can be converted into recorders.

"We didn't even think Eli would dress for us this year as a redshirt, but he came in and was player of the game for us once and had a couple of terrific games for us," said Drabiuk.

"If we can get him into the regular rotation next year, he could just explode on us." The key will be for him to find a balance of adding strength to his frame without sapping his speed and quickness.

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