Clove oil and sedating koi

@Mori, I think that wouldn't be too good for them... Danios are like torpedos when they want to get away.And my female bettas would not be happy if I did that. And they're hard to pick up when they get on the floor.Care is (to the best of my knowledge) exactly the same as Indostomus paradoxus. scientists use it to tag and count fish populations in rivers and streams..a specified amount of current for x amount of water will result in temporary shock/ paralisys of the fish I'd chill them if they were that sneaky.There would most likely be tiny traces of clove oil left, but not enough to affect them. My adventures in keeping Indostomus crocodilus, the crocodile toothpick fish.AKA armored stickleback, paradox fish, and freshwater pipefish.I'd be doing a nearly complete water change, maybe wipe down the insides of the tank, would that be enough to remove the clove oil? Possible, as I've read many stories detailing the usage of clove oils to sedate fish for euthanasia, surgery, and various other practices.What I can see going wrong is maybe you OD the fish, and they all fall asleep forever.

And since I'm removing all the water anyway to put in a different substrate, it's not really a problem to drain the tank.Care is (to the best of my knowledge) exactly the same as Indostomus paradoxus.I've not used clove oil with my fish before, but I do have experience with trying to catch danios!Fish get pretty confused when multiple nets are involved.You could even place a sheet of acrylic/pexiglass (or other suitable tank divider) in the tank to partition off a section of it, making it way easier to catch the fish.

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