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Your biggest negative is the byproduct of your careful nature: indecision. This will frighten away most potential mates, but that's okay, because you're very choosy with your affections anyway. You're a fun person in both big and small groups, and your friends trust and love you. Your focus is love, not sex, and for your age, you have average experience.

You're just as slow rejecting someone as you are accepting them. You'd absolutely refuse to date someone dumber than you, for instance. You're highly perceptive, and confident in your judgements. You're also excellent at redirecting internal negative energy. Though you're inclined to use sex as weapon, at least it's not as one of mass destruction. A supportive relationship is what you're really after. But you're a great, thoughtful guy, and your love life improves every year.

You have a substantial romantic side, and you're experienced enough sexually to handle yourself in that arena, too.

Your future relationships will be long-lasting; you're classic "marrying material," a prize in the eyes of many.

The Sonnet Deliberate Gentle Love Dreamer (DGLDf) Romantic, hopeful, and composed. You probably have lots of female friends, and they have a special soft spot for you. You're carefree, enthusiastic, and rarely discouraged. While you're not exactly the life of the party, you do thrive in small groups of smart people.

Your exact opposite: Half-cocked Random Brutal Sex Dreamer We've deduced you're fully capable of a dirty fling, but you do feel that post-coital attachment after hooking up. ALWAYS AVOID: The Battleaxe, The Priss Not that I'm on there all the time or anything The Slow Dancer Deliberate Gentle Love Dreamer (DGLDm) Steady, reliable, and cradling her tenderly.

So, conscientious person that you are, you do your best to reserve physical affection for those you can respect yourself. You yourself have deep convictions, and you devote a lot of thought to romance and what it should be. Take a deep breath, and let it out real easy..are The Slow Dancer.

You're a nice guy, you know the ropes, and even if you can be a little hasty with decisions, most girls think of you as a total catch.

Your hastiness comes off as spontaneity most of the time anyhow, making you especially popular in your circle of friends, too.

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