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During the course of the year, we recorded 18,853 land record documents and 664 maps.

We licensed 2,206 dogs and issued 356 sporting licenses.

Vital records processed: 2,244 birth certificates, 721 marriage licenses, and 1,223 death certificates issuing 15,439 certified copies.

During November’s Presidential election, 2,049 absentee ballots were issued.

Completed in 1913, the Willimantic Armory is an excellent example of the castellated architectural style, also called the medieval castle revival style, which was typical of armories built in Connecticut during the first fifteen years of the twentieth century.

The state legislature granted the community’s request for an armory in 1911, although some felt that military construction at the time already exceeded the state’s needs.

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The house at 44 Cherry Brook Road in Canton was built c. The house is also said to have been home to the first telephone in Canton.

The house has a Colonial Revival porch, probably added in the early twentieth century, which replaced an earlier porch (that was probably similar to that of the house at 72 Church Street).

The house now serves as psychologist and orthodontist offices.

The activist group said the “heartbreaking” footage, which appears to show chicks with ragged, pecked feathers in a dirty tent littered with dead birds, uncovers “some of the worst conditions we have ever seen on a turkey farm in the UK”.

Greenbury, run and owned by Stuart Beaumont, a former employee of Kelly Turkeys who left the firm in 2015 and still works for them as a freelance consultant, has denied any wrongdoing.

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