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They are professional yet bumbling jumpsuit-wearing ghost hunters who make it their hobby and goal to study and eradicate "all things ectoplasmic." who serves as Jack's partner and equal inventor of Fenton anti-ghost gadgets.

She dons a jumpsuit hood with goggles and is more down-to-earth than her husband and often supports or keep her husband from getting into trouble or harm.

Hartman originally envisioned Danny as a normal human who hunted ghosts.

Accompanying him would be an owl named Spooky and his means of travel would be a motorcycle; Hartman paid tribute to the latter later in the series.

Jazz Fenton (Colleen Villard) is Danny's 16-year-old sister.

Viewing herself as the most rational and normal member of the family, Jazz often plays a surrogate parental role to Danny, thinking he's a naive child in need of guidance, Jack (Rob Paulsen) and Maddie (Kath Soucie) are Danny and Jazz's parents.

She is also warm and caring, and is always there for Danny no matter what.

The series Danny Phantom centers on young Daniel "Danny" Fenton and his coming-of-age story as a half-ghost superhero in the town of Amity Park.In the episode "Memory Blank", Sam causes Danny to lose his powers out of anger because of the wish-granting ghost Desiree and also brings to life three ghosts from a horror movie, Femalien, Terminatra, and Nightmerica.Despite all this, Tucker has a shockingly dark side; he tends to get easily corrupted by his vice, and while he enjoys getting attention, he expresses both envy and jealousy when he is not receiving any.He was created with the intent that Danny's worst enemy would be an evil version of himself.Dark Danny is a cruel, malicious ghost who cares little for anything other than himself, causing as much destruction as he sees fit.

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