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They come from different backgrounds – Munna from a middle-class family, Bob Galy from a Telugu-speaking family, Juju from an academic-achieving family, Krishna from a rich family and Kumar from a poor family.But all of them have common interests – spending their time smoking, downing alcohol, ogling girls, watching pornography and complaining about their parents. Vendaame Friendship Enbadhu Rac Love Confirm Panna Nee Yosi Friendship Enbadhu Fullsafety Love’il Yedhu Guarantee Yeah, I Can Clearly See Dating Is A Fantasy Aiyo Love Is Full Of Pain Poda Love Is Just A Strain Boys’e Yenga Vaikkaathe Heart’il Helmet Maattaathe Friend’nu Fullstop Vaikkaathe Kaadhalicha Karpum Pogaathe I Don’t Wanna Love I Don’t Wanna Love Love Is Not A Game Love Is Not A Game Do You Wanna Go? Move It Boy – O Baby Move It Boy – O Baby Move It Boy – O Baby Girl You Know You Got Me Thinking All About You And I Really Wanna No If You Love Me Too Will You Let Me Know Because My Heart Is True Babe When I See Your Face I Wanna Be With You Mugha Nagha Natmadhu Natpalla Nencha Thaghanaga Natpadhu Natpaagum Karka Kasadara Karpavai Katrapin Marakka Seivadhu Love Aagum I Really Do Care And I Will Be There You Can Take Me Every Where Stay With Me And I’ll Let You See In My Heart You’ll Be Kaadhalin Nerungiya Nanban Tholvi Kaadhal Pachai Poigalin Vangi Kaadhal Ichai Pichai Ketkum Kochaiye…. ) Love Is Not A Game Love Is Not A Game Do You Wanna Go? )Love is not a game Love is not a game Friendship enbadhu RACLove confirm panna nee yosi Friendship enbadhu fullsafety Love'il yaedhu guarantee Yeah, I can clearly see Dating is a Fantasyaiyo love is full of painpoda love is just a strain Boys'e yaenka vaikkaatheyheart'il helmet maattaatheyfriend'nu fullstop vaikkaatheykaadhalicha ka Rpum poagaathey (Abishtu...)I don't wanna love I don't wanna love Love is not a game Love is not a game Yeah yeah come on baby... (cha cha cha chachaacha...) (3)Move it boy - O Baby (3)Girl you know you got me Thinking all about you And I really wanna no if you Love me too Will you let me know Because my heart is true Babe when I see your face I wanna be with youmugha nagha natmadhu natpallanencha thaghanaga natpadhu natpaagumka Rka kasadara ka Rpavai katrapinma Rakka seivadhu love aagum I really do care and I will be there You can take me every where Stay with me and I'll let you see In my heart you'll be Kaadhalin nerungiya na Nban thoalvikaadhal pachai poiga Lin vangikaadhal ichai pichai kaetkumkochaiyae....

Eventually, Munna's and Harini's parents find out about their relationship and are furious, as they want them to focus on their studies.

Much to the chagrin of their parents, they have no interest in studies.

They meet a depressed middle-age man, Mangalam (Vivek) in a bar one day and help him home after he passes out.

- Nø Nø Nø I Wøn't Šay What Šay What Will Yøu Be Mine..

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