Dating confused about career path

I've dated people who have fallen in love with the idea of me, and have fiercely tried to mold me into the exact shape they want.

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In a culture that tells people to transform their passions into lucrative careers via will-driven alchemy, it’s no wonder so much of today’s workforce suffers from endless job swapping and professional discontent.They become minutely aware of everything they dislike about their work and their job satisfaction and happiness plummets.By contrast, the craftsman’s mindset acknowledges that no matter what field you’re in, success is always about quality. A chess player must devote roughly 10,000 hours to becoming a master.Another third deemed it a “career,” or a path towards something better.The final third, though–incidentally, also those who’d spent the most time doing this type of work–considered it their calling or an integral part of their life and identity.

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