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His life will be dedicated to God and as a symbol of his Nazarite vow his hair should never be cut.

Even from this distance, the young ranch hand could see the unease and worry in their faces and frames. It was rare to be at an outdoor event in their small town and not hear his pleasant laughter spreading infectiously through the crowd, but today he stood silent without a hint of a smile.His eyes stared out at the quickly clearing ring, but Dawson knew the only thing he really saw was the chaos and confusion of last year’s train wreck. Rawlings, his wife nervously watched as the previous round’s unsuccessful rider was helped from the ring by the pick-up team.Her left hand was fisted tightly in the extra fabric of her denim skirt, while her right hand gripped her husband’s forearm.For the big rodeos, the ranch usually hired him out as a pick-up man riding a good-natured mares, but they never asked it of him for the women’s rodeos, and he never offered.With his jacket collar turned up and his worn-out hat pulled down low, he simply stood by the south-west corner of the paddock like a sentinel on guard, watching, waiting, and worrying.

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