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The policy was adopted throughout the empire, but Rome adopted an 84-year lunar cycle for determining the date, whereas Alexandria used a 19-year cycle.

Use of these different "paschal cycles" persists to this day and contributes to the disparity between the eastern and western dates of Easter.

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At some point in the first two centuries, however, it became customary to celebrate the resurrection specially on one day each year.

Many of the religious observances of this celebration were taken from the Jewish Passover.

Saturday 9th June Farringdon Dancing and Ping Pong and dancing and Ping Pong and disco and disco and drinking and dancing. Beyonce, Gloria, Celine, Mariah, Whitney, Gwen, Missy, Shania, Cindy, Britney, Tina, the list goes on and on.Common elements found in most Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant Easter celebrations include baptism, the Eucharist, feasting, greetings of "Christ is risen! " In Roman Catholicism, and some Lutheran and Anglican churches, Easter is celebrated with a vigil that consists of "the blessing of the new fire (a practice introduced during the early Middle Ages); the lighting of the paschal candle; a service of lessons, called the prophecies; followed by the blessing of the font and baptisms and then the mass of Easter." The traditional customs of the Catholic church are described in detail in the online .In Orthodox churches, the vigil service is preceded by a procession outside the church.It seems Christians in Asia took the former position, while those everywhere else insisted on the latter.The eminent church fathers Irenaeus and Polycarp were among the Asiatic Christians, and they claimed the authority of St. Nevertheless, the church majority officially decided that Easter should always be celebrated on a Sunday.

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