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The union membership feeling that the union leadership did not reach a fair settlement on rejected the offer and continued striking.By 1914 the membership was ready for change and at the 1914 UGW convention 66 percent of the UGA membership defected to form Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America or ACWA.

In later years, the numbering on the left was changed to black instead of red.

Like all unions of the time, the great depression thinned the ranks of ACWA's membership.

ACWA survived the downturn and much of it's membership returned thanks to the union's legal right to organize gained from the National Recovery Act of 1933.

Additionally, manufactures used all issued labels before starting the next issued series.

It is not certain but believed that prior to joining the AFL in 1933, The Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America were not required to include a label with items that were manufactured by ACWA.

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