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I don’t know what do to speed up the process when I get the same damn answers . If it’s just a “piece of paper” why won’t he go ahead and sign it? Why would anyone want to force marriage on someone, if it’s not what the other person wants.. He enjoys being in a relationship with you or he wouldn’t be in the relationship, why isn’t that enough?

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But that title has a risk attached to it (and thanks to “horror stories”, the news, movies, media, etc.

The topic hasn’t come up again since and at this point, I am just about ready to give him an ultimatum- either he proposes or I’m leaving.

I’m also thinking of just getting him a ring at this point just to move this thing along!

Sharing your feelings with him is fine, but you want it to be from a place of love and understanding and not from a place of frustration and impatience.

Personally, my criteria for getting married is: Other than those reasons (and I would need to have all 3 be true), I would not get married. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t date a girl long term to see where it goes, but unless I’m at a point where those conditions are all true for me, I wouldn’t marry yet.

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