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People have been looking for various ways of improving their sexual activity.Men who have an enhanced sexual performance are known for having a high self-esteem.This is considered as one of best ways of improving the general health of the body.Cardio exercises are helpful in keeping the heart in good working condition.Having an effective circulatory system is essential for sexual health.The following are the proven ways that can help you in boosting or improving your sexual performance.

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"If a young woman’s desire is not sufficient justification for engaging in sexual activity, then her lack of desire in a given situation will not be sufficient justification for refusing sexual activity."One thing is clear: In 2018, it's more important than ever for women to prioritize their sexual pleasure.

Psychological stress can also affect your ability to reaching an orgasm or having a firm erection.

You are advised to talk to your partner when you have stress.

In many respects, women's voices have never been louder: We're running for office in record numbers, speaking out against sexual assault, and demanding equal pay for equal work.

But if the virality of December's earlier this year analyzed data from 7,255 students at 22 different colleges who participated in a survey on sexuality.

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