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Additional topics and ongoing expansion occur through the efforts of Paul and his classes, with thanks to EMU for a Faculty Research Fellowship which helped support this project.

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Sexual and physical victimization of teens in high school is rising based on reports of dating violence.

Also rising in prevalence is adolescent non-medical use of prescription drugs (NMUPD).

The study was supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health as well as the U-M Injury Center, an Injury Control Research Center funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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The answer: lonely, scared, ignorant, confused, sick, misguided, angry, fallible, human sort of people - in other words, all of us.Women were more likely to be involved in dating violence, and males were more likely to be a part of nondating violence.From 1,262 incidents reported in the study, substance use occurred immediately prior to 44 percent of conflicts.Paul Leighton's graduate Violence & Society seminar at Eastern Michigan University in the fall of 1999.The point was not just to learn about violence in society, but learn about reducing violence and turn that knowledge into a website useful for students, teachers, activists, and victims of violence.

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