Emerge configuration files needed updating

Remember, to play Sven Co-op you need to own Half-Life (If you noticed a warning when coming to the site earlier: This was caused by a single PNG image, hotlinked from a site Google has decided is suspicious (but we know not to be intentionally malicious).We have since removed the image and requested that Google disable the warning.In the past, such tools were either very expensive, proprietary, or both.However, with the advent of Wireshark, all that has changed.Wireshark is an open source software project, and is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

The intended audience of this book is anyone using Wireshark.The amount of resources Wireshark needs depends on your environment and on the size of the capture file you are analyzing.The values below should be fine for small to medium-sized capture files no more than a few hundred MB.If you donated after SC4.6 but never received a reply, we may have been unable to contact you for some reason.Please follow the instructions here to submit your Steam ID.

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