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The fridge is quite sturdy, and could easily handle an automatic coffee maker. Good luck, we really like our fridge and have been happy with the purchase I can't give you the specification on the weight capacity, but it is pretty solid top.

I had a wine glass holder and 4 wine glasses on top with no problem.

I own this fridge, and don't know the actual weight capacity, but we store other bottle of liquor (a couple of whiskeys and usually a six pack of beer) on it without worrying.

I have it set for 56 degrees, but it rarely gets it that cold.bought identical fridge last year.

Hi - I've had mine for over a year now and it is silent.

These cellars should be extremely quiet, so if your unit is making a loud noise you probably want to call in to our Technical Support line at 800-648-6058 ext 2 so they can troubleshoot any possible issues.

I won't say it is completely silent but it does not make much noise. So yes, it sounds like there is an issue with your particular unit. I would like to purchase this item, but would like to know if I can place something in the top of the fridge. Something like a wooden wine glass holder or an automatic coffee maker.

Can you tell me what the weight capacity on top of the fridge is please? Hello, Wine Enthusiast sent me an e-mail to try to answer this question.

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