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Theres people committing suicide over house mortgages in this Country. But then again (I thought) this could be some sort of Tactic.! To Negate, Neutralise and to Nullify, Listener, Audience Input.! (must be accommodated) Definitely Not Experts in their Field. As many Aborigines employed in organisation services are stated to be or are accepted as. Lack of Openness and Disclosure has no doubt assisted the Loss of A&I Organisations Services and Property In The Past. He deserves the Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) Award of the Week.! the poverty issue., a Victim is seen to be, and portrayed, a Loser. As I am (along with about 5,000 other so called Aboriginal Activists, Self and Media Appointed Spokespeople, Leaders and Elders Including thousands of Aboriginal Academics) involved in and with, Human Rights issues as well.! And for the assistance that I've provided for many people over the years, including Accommodation and Counselling. But Murri Country Radio aka 4AAA Has found to be in Breach of, Clauses, 7.3 (a) 7.3 (b) and 7.3 (c) of the Community Broadcasting Codes of Practice 2008. Current Court Battles Our legislative advocates are a constant presence in federal and state governments, working with policy makers to ensure the necessary laws exist to protect our civil rights.Well, Ill go through this site one more time, then thats it.! We were conditioned to what was established and happening only here. But for us to outlay and to expend the time and effort to obtain them seems, has been travelling overseas for a few years now. With more than fifty (50) venues for free food including BBQs and hot meals in inner city Brisbane alone.! This is the title that Les uses in his Communications and Misrepresentations with the United Nations. This organisation is Defunct and Does Not Exist any-more as such. Local Elder Ruth Hegarty Conceded this) Murri Country radio and Particularly the talk-back segment Let's Talk as Manipulated and Exploited by .! She couldn't seem to understand this and I tried to explain (briefly) what it was all about.! If it rains, always Free Accommodation at Quigley St. And the way they went about reclaiming the land themselves.

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