Happy 1 year dating anniversary quotes

"They're constantly trying to make up false rumors and amplify any negative rumors.

It's a really big incentive to lie and attack my integrity. It's..."He trails off, as he often does when preoccupied by a thought. ""It's..." He shakes his head and struggles for the right word, then says softly, "Hurtful."It is easy to confuse who someone is with what they do, and thus turn them into a caricature who fits neatly into a storybook view of the world.

In the process, he's managed to sell the world on his capability to achieve objectives so lofty that from the mouth of anyone else, they'd be called fantasies. "I'm looking at the short losses," Musk says, transfixed by CNBC on his i Phone. "Guys, check this out: Tesla has the highest short position in the entire stock market.

A billion short position."His children lean over the phone, looking at a table full of numbers that I don't understand.

And in any particular situation, Elon can see things 12 moves ahead." His children soon leave for the home of their mother, Musk's ex-wife Justine.

"I wish we could be private with Tesla," Musk murmurs as they exit.

If we don't send our civilization into another Dark Ages before Musk or one of his dream's inheritors pull it off, then Musk will likely be remembered as one of the most seminal figures of this millennium.

Kids on all the terraformed planets of the universe will look forward to Musk Day, when they get the day off to commemorate the birth of the Earthling who single-handedly ushered in the era of space colonization. Others include converting automobiles, households and as much industry as possible from fossil fuels to sustainable energy; implementing a new form of high-speed city-to-city transportation via vacuum tube; relieving traffic congestion with a honeycomb of underground tunnels fitted with electric skates for cars and commuters; creating a mind-computer interface to enhance human health and brainpower; and saving humanity from the future threat of an artificial intelligence that may one day run amok and decide, quite rationally, to eliminate the irrational human species.

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Unless it's really a meteor hurtling to the Earth which will destroy all life.

"I also have to unload other things from my mind."Five minutes later, Musk still hasn't returned.

Sam Teller, his chief of staff, says, "I'll be right back."Several minutes after that, they both reappear and huddle nearby, whispering to each other.

Then Musk returns to his desk."We can reschedule for another day if this is a bad time," I offer.

Musk clasps his hands on the surface of the desk, composes himself, and declines."It might take me a little while to get into the rhythm of things."Then he heaves a sigh and ends his effort at composure.

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