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C.) The inscription on it in Brahmi characters says: "This garuda column of Vasudeva (Vishnu) was erected here by Heliodorus, son of Dion, a worshipper of Vishnu, and an inhabitant of Taxila, who came as a Greek ambassador from the great King Antialcidas to Kind Kasiputra Bhagabhadra, the saviour, then reigning prosperously in the fourteenth year of his kingship." During all this period India and the West had extensive trade relations.When Alexander chose in Egypt the site for a city which was destined to perpetuate his name, the preparation for the blending of Eastern and Western cultures started.Such manifestations take place in response to special needs of the time, in the altered circumstances of life and history.They come in times of decline of civilizations due to materialism which causes disintegration of man and society. Whenever religion becomes tarnished and irreligion prevails, I create myself.In Sanatana Dharma incarnation is periodic manifestation in time of the power of the Divine.

Of the monuments which survive of the Indo-Greek dynasties is a pillar discovered at Besnagar in the extreme south of Gwalior State (140B.Christ was born in the royal tribe of Judah, Buddha was born in a royal household.On the day of his birth a Brahmin (Asita) priest predicts his future greatness.Indian tribes colonized Maisan, whose port had an Indian temple. Early in his career, he was tempted by Mara to give up his quest for truth with promises of world dominion.Mandean gnosis is full of Indian ideas.)Nearly five hundred years before Jesus, Buddha went round the Ganges valley proclaiming a way of life which would deliver men from bondage of ignorance and sin. His enlightenment was marked by thirty-two great miracles.

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