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Each of these decisions currently protects reproductive rights or non-discrimination based on race.As retribution, you amend the Constitution to discriminate against queers, trans people, women and people of color. The only way to do this is to infiltrate the government; so Generation Joshua, Teen Pact and other organizations exist to indoctrinate and recruit homeschooled youth who have ample free time to participate in politics.

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Through these programs we learned how to argue effectively.

Meanwhile, mainstream Democrats shake their heads in confusion and fundamentally misunderstand the meaning of grassroots organizing, which is where all of this happens.

Republicans have a vast network of homeschoolers that HSLDA and others have given them to tap into as a source of free labor.

They know Trump is easily manipulated and will change his mind with the wind if it makes him feel more powerful and famous.

Trump couldn’t care less about policy, a fact he’s made quite obvious.

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