Is windows still updating xp

Before touching any internal device installed on the computer, make sure to avoid wearing static-inducing clothing and touch a grounded conductor (metals, etc.) to dissipate static electricity.

Also, always turn off your computer, unplug the cord, and remove the battery (for portables).

If you have already reached this step in troubleshooting, we are then somewhat certain that the issue is more likely a hardware problem rather than a software trouble.

Driver issue is the most common cause of sound card problems.

Consult your manufacturer’s documentation for steps in unseating and reseating the sound card.

Important: When prompted, click "save" to save the installer to your computer.

Make sure you have the latest version of the driver.

It’s usually available at the manufacturer’s website.

Find the device that represents your sound card driver. To install the latest driver, extract the installation files (they are often available in compressed format), and find the executable file.

Run the setup process and restart the computer afterward.

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