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A handful of traders were familiar with reading and writing of one sort or another. However, an elite group of traders who travelled from such towns as Makkah, Yathrib, Khaybar and from Yemen to the centres of ancient civilizations, including Syria, Mesopotamia and Egypt, were open to outside influences. The Islamic Background to Intellectual Activity2.3. Unity of Knowledge: Religious, Rational and Experimental2.4. Having begun with a , they achieved an astonishing advancement in their social, political and intellectual life within a very short time. Incredible though it may seem to any uninitiated student of history, these Arabs not only changed their way of thinking but also their view of the world and their role in it. The Rise of Islam and the Early Intellectual Fertilisation2.2. By harnessing their latent physical and spiritual power, the Arabs somehow reconstructed their own lives. On the whole the Arabian environment did not encourage the growth of civilized values. It was only during the pilgrimage season to Makkah that fighting was abandoned by common consent. Nevertheless, most of the population of Arabia were pastoralists who often quarrelled among themselves.

Positional notation was in use in Mesopotamia four thousand years ago. King Sargon produced maps in Mesopotamia for the purpose of tax collection (ca 2400 BCE).

The Babylonians recorded a solar eclipse as early as 763 BCE and devised an instrument to detect when a star or planet was due to appear in the south.

Some of these achievements resulted from developments in mathematics, notably by the application of multiplication tables.

Medicine and surgery also developed in Mesopotamia, where tooth filling was practiced, physicians established an important profession, and incompetent surgeons were liable to compensate patients in the event of error.

Lamps made of stone and pottery were used in ancient Mesopotamia.

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