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He was licking her hole and whining, but she was disinterested.

The sounds of his tongue lapping all over her was too hot, and I had the thought in my head–she should feel like a lucky bitch to have that sort of tongue work done.

We didn’t have much else other than chickens, a few horses, and some wild pigs.

My first experience started one summer day when I was sitting in the big garden reading a book and noticed that Whiskers (regrettable name for an Airedale) was trying really hard to get our female boxer, Sassy, to fuck him.

My dad loved dogs, as he had a lot of property and valuables he recruited any strays, feeding them and making them our watch dogs.

I used to go there and read, and I would always go with our dogs.I kept doing it for a minuet or two before he pulled my head off and ask me to get on my hands and knees. I swallowed and continued to wiggle my ass to try to work out the dogs cock out of my pussy. I came all over dog’s cock in me and started yelling. I flet I had had enough and tried to get up but as i tried to pull away doggy cock wouldn’t come out of me.He tried to get Felix on me but he kept falling off and the one time he tried to get doggy cock in he just humped my ass. I had expected the dog just to pull out but the thrusting picked up again and continued. The guy explained I would have to wait till doggy cock went down.His red cock was showing and I felt bad for him, so I called him over and began giving him a handjob.I was only slightly worried that what I was doing was “wrong” ….boy just needed to spill his seed, and I was so damn horny I kept pumping him.

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