Kenny chesney dating miss tennessee

And it was the biggest moment in the 35-year-old Tennessee native's career.

"That's the moment that I finally felt like all the radio tours that I did, all the promotion, all the eating at truck stops at 2 a.m., all the being away from home ...

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He was in college before he even picked up a guitar.

Others just said nasty things like: “They deserve each other since they met at a Kenny Chesney concert, gross.” That was enough to stop Hammonds from reading any more comments or messages.

But she is excited about maybe meeting Kenny Chesney.

And she’s definitely excited about their May 5 wedding set for a rural Tennessee town.

“We are so blessed that God brought us together in such a unique way," Hammonds said, "and we can’t wait to see the future he has planned for us!

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