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Because Uncle was busy, He asked me that whether I can help Aunty in matters of study and I prompted agreed because it will get my permanent access to her house and who knows may be to her body.

So, I went to her house regularly to teach Sunita Aunty.

Uncle and Aunty was still enjoying and I thought its better to get away from here before someone else comes. Before I was used to chat and laugh with her without any problem but now I started to avoid her a little. I lowered my head because every time the events of the night came to my mind. I am so sorry I did that but I couldn’t control myself. I dropped some saliva on the hole and Aunty took my cock in her asschute like a champion.

As they say,women are very good reader of men’s mind and they can exactly tell what a man wants from them. She sat besides me and said-Arun,off late I have been sensing that you have changed a lot and your behavior towards me also has changed a lot too. Do you find my company or behavior inappropriate in any way or you don’t like me anymore? You are so beautiful and Uncle is really very lucky to have you. Soon I was fucking hard and she was moaning-Ungh ungh Arun,you cock is so big. Fuck fuck Arun,you want to teach your Aunty na……baby teach your Aunty the lesson you Uncle has taught her. Ooh my god,that’s it rub my pussy too,here I cum………..oooh………. But I was non stopping and She too joined the party.

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I came put of the house and was strolling on the road for some cool air.

Sunita Aunty was not highly educated and Uncle wanted her to finish her graduation before marriage.

But that didn’t happen and now she will be staying here and will be studying here only.

Uncle was holding a book and was showing it to Aunty.

I immediately understood what book that was and why Aunty was giggling while seeing it.

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