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She drove to the store to pick up food and beer for the barbeque. Carl was engrossed in the sports highlights and didn't notice as she walked by.

An hour later, Maddy returned home, to find Carl showered, in his chair, and watching sports highlights on T. She approached the pool, wondering if she had made a mistake.

He hadn't showered yet, and he half-walked, half-stumbled into the kitchen with messy hair and bad breath. What had happened, happened, but it couldn't happen again. Then he shoved the forkful of egg and cheese into his mouth. In the early days of their relationship, when Carl was young and fit and romantic, they had lain for hours under the stars, talking, kissing, and making love. She wanted to be out of the house as long as possible, away from Kyle, so she called a friend to have lunch.

Carl finally emerged from the bedroom just minutes before Maddy put breakfast on the table. "Time to clean the kitchen, I guess," Carl mumbled. She had no more room to pull away, so she left her leg there. She glanced quickly at him, to give him a look of disapproval, and he was looking at her, already, a faint smile on his lips. "So, Maddy," Carl said after mostly swallowing the bite of omelet, "Tonight's that meteor shower, right? " Maddy and Carl had long shared an interest in astronomy. After breakfast, Maddy prepared a list of things to buy for the barbeque.

********* Maddy Ryerson woke to the sound of her husband's snoring. She was glad Carl hadn't awakened before her, because her son's dried cum still coated her nude body in a thick, flaky crust. I think you want it too." Kyle could see in his mom's face that she was torn. Kyle helped set the table while Maddy finished making omelets, along with bacon and strawberries on the side. Though she had kept her son at bay so far this morning, she couldn't stop thinking about the feeling of him inside her. She shook her head slightly, as though to rid herself of those thoughts. Then she felt Kyle's foot against her calf, under the table. Carl looked up from a big chunk of omelet on his fork, with heavy-lidded eyes. The interest had waned in recent years, but this particular meteor shower was supposed to be a good one, and it had caught their attention. "I thought we'd have a late barbeque, and then sit in the back yard and watch it. "I think your dad wants help fixing the sprinklers." Maddy wanted to avoid Kyle during the day, so long as she could. Carl rummaged through the garage to find the tools needed to fix the sprinklers.

Eager to wash off the evidence of her tryst with her son before Carl awoke, Maddy threw back the bed covers and walked naked to the bathroom. When the food was done they sat at the small table in the kitchen. It's supposed to start around 11 p.m." "Sounds good," said Carl. " "I think you almost finished them off last night," said Maddy. She knew he wouldn't control himself, especially if Carl weren't around. "It's going to be over a hundred degrees outside today." "It's no big deal, Kyle," said Carl. A couple of the sprinkler heads aren't working and must be replaced. You can go swimming afterward." Kyle thought he would prefer doing errands with his mom, not his dad. Kyle resigned himself to having to wait until evening to have another chance with mom. His dad took forever getting stuff together in the garage to work on the sprinklers.

As soon as she did so Kyle embraced her and kissed her. The restaurant offered a cool, temporary respite from the heat. "Oh, I'll watch him," said Maddy, before she could check herself. She thought about Kyle's bare hips pushing hard against hers. She saw Kyle lying on a yellow plastic raft in the middle of the pool. "I'm going to go take a dip in the pool," she said. A minute later, standing in her bedroom and looking into the drawer with her swimsuits, she had misgivings. And it was broad daylight and the pool was visible from the living room, where Carl sat watching T. It would be fun to expose herself in a bikini to him, knowing that with his father awake and nearby Kyle couldn't do very much.

Maddy was glad that her face was turned away from the living room window, so her husband couldn't see her expression when she let out a low moan at the touch of Kyle's hand. Carl continued to watch sports highlights, oblivious to what was happening between his wife and son in the backyard. Kyle was agitated and distracted by his mom's presence even though she sat on the other side of the table.Her hands went to the ties on the side of her bikini, and she was ready to take it off, and the top too, and let Kyle fuck her there in the pool. Maddy and Kyle retreated to their respective rooms while Carl watched T. Time passed, the sun descended in the sky toward the horizon, and afternoon became evening. She knew her son wanted her and would try to have her again when it was dark and Carl wasn't paying attention. Her body yearned for the feel of Kyle's body against hers, and inside her. For a long time, she sat on her bed and couldn't move. He couldn't stop noticing the way her large breasts pressed out against the little dress she was wearing, and he thought about how much of her legs showed beneath the dress under the table.But she regained control of her senses and her body. If his dad hadn't been there, he thought, he would have leapt across the table and taken her.He pressed his finger against the slit underneath, and he felt the bikini give way just a little. Maddy's body wasn't cooperating with her conscience. He stood just far enough from Maddy that it would look from a distance like they were having an innocent conversation. It found the furrow of his mom's sex under the bikini and traced it, up and down. It felt good to Maddy, too, although it made her feel guilty.She pushed the mound between her legs forward, slightly, against Kyle's fingers. "I did a lot more than that last night, and we both loved it. Maddy backed up against the side of the pool to brace herself. But she lifted a leg to give Kyle more access to her body, anyway.

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