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XMPP) and with programs like Skype, as long as the user has them installed on their computer.

Inky was developed in 2008 and is compatible with Mac, PC, i OS, and Android and allows the synchronization of e-mail data across all platforms.

Two popular feature among users (making it a great alternative to Outlook) include the ability to unsubscribe from messages and view all e-mail accounts together on one screen.

Inky sorts out messages depending on their relevance and can organize them into individual folders.

It also includes an HTML editor as well as a browser, e-mail, and chat client.

Mail organization is carried out via instructions defined by the user and further features such as flexible sorting and visual highlighting are also available. A few years ago Opera Mail was only available as part of the browser; now, however, it can be downloaded as a separate program.

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As a component of the Microsoft Office suite, it is often a standard solution (in connection with the Microsoft Exchange Server) for businesses.

The same also applies to businesses, which increasingly consider Google products as the go-to choice.

Synchronizing different apps, calendars, e-mails, and contacts is not complicated and Apple users can use pre-installed products and dock these onto an Exchange account or a Google app.

The former can be used non-commercially and supports two e-mail accounts, and the latter is for commercial use and supports an unlimited amount of e-mail accounts.

It’s compatible with POP3 and IMAP4 servers, chat protocols (e.g.

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