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In trust, pending final conversion and distribution of the property, to manage and control it, the trustees having, for those purposes and for all purposes of sale, lease, mortgage, exchange, improvement and development, and any and all arrangements, contracts and dispositions of the trust property, or any part, all and as full discretionary powers and authority as they would have if they were themselves the sole and absolute beneficial owners in fee simple.3.

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The trustees shall at all times keep full and proper books of accounts and records of their proceedings and doings, and shall, at least annually, render account of the trust to any beneficiary requesting it but no trustees8.The _________(company) having determined to wind up its affairs and be dissolved, without waiting for final cash sale of its real estate, this trust is declared in favor, and for the benefit of the eight shareholders of the corporation, according to their respective fractional interests to whom the trustees shall issue proper receipt certificates, which certificates, and all others which may be issued in exchange or substitution, shall be deemed conclusive evidence of the ownership of the respective interest in this trust.The trustees shall, from time to time, on request (on surrender of the old) issue any new certificates as may be proper and necessary to evidence any new or subdivided interests.6.The trustees shall be entitled to receive reasonable compensation for service not exceeding a total of one percent reckoned upon the gross income received by them, unless, at any time, a majority in interest of the trusts consent in writing to some larger compensation for any past service.The trustees shall also be entitled to reimbursement and indemnification from the trust property for all their proper expenses and liabilities, and shall be entitled at all times to the advice of counsel.

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