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Close your eyes.”As abruptly as time had slowed, it suddenly flashed forward. Fusco grabbed the girl with one hand, aimed his gun with the other.

“Stop him.”“Close your eyes, Chrissy.”“Dad, .”“I love you, Chrissy.

”“Okay, okay.” Still muttering, Fusco got in the car and started it up.

Some language, violence, drug use, adult situations.

“You do so good in school, and you gotta spend all your time takin’ care of me.

Went on talking like she wasn’t scared out of her mind. They’re going to put you away, they’re going to get you some help.

It’s no good.”“It’s okay, Dad.” Her voice cracked; she stopped to clear her throat. Just put the gun down.”“That’s right, Tommy,” the lieutenant agreed.

Just put the gun down.”“Just stop right there,” Fusco said.“Dad.

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