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Could it eventually result in fines or other penalties if you don’t get vaccines, I do not know, but I wouldn’t put it past the Maryland DHMH/CDC.

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REUTERS/Jeff Zelevansky The company said it made the decision after re-evaluating its lobbying program, which has generated fierce debate with some religious organizations saying it could encourage promiscuity and parents groups questioning the need for such a widespread vaccination program. states had been considering mandating the vaccine, many for girls before they entered the sixth grade.

(See HB311) If you would normally have religious or health reasons for not receiving vaccines, that right can/will be striped away (HB687).

If you are a health care worker, you can be forced to have vaccines or lose your job, etc.

The company reaffirmed it continues to expect combined revenue this year of .8 billion to .2 billion from its array of vaccines, including ones to prevent shingles and infections with rotavirus.

Glaxo Smith Kline Plc is expected to file in April for U. regulatory approval for its cervical cancer vaccine Cervarix.

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