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You don’t want to give out any information that can be easily traced back to you.

If you live by yourself, that is a plus because you don’t have to worry about other household members making noise while you are on the phone or being uncomfortable with the explicit language that you are using.

If the client says, “Tell me an erotic tale,” you have to have one already ready.

There are 3 main groups of clients: The majority of clients fall into the first 2 categories: 40% for each category. If I get the Pervert on the line, I refer him to another PSO, or I will disconnect the call if he wants to discuss a taboo subject, which callers are not supposed to do.

Being a “Phone Actress” – the technical term for a – came to mind.

I then brainstormed to see what jobs I could do from home.

The next day, Monday, one company contacted me and on Wednesday, another company contacted me.

There began my career as a Phone Sex Operator (PSO).

Some people are just calling to talk because they are lonely, like talking to an interesting woman, or are simply playing out a no-sex fantasy.

The best client is a repeat client who makes it a routine to call you every morning. , which means the actual time that you are talking to clients.

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