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In the summer of that year, when Islamist militants took power in the occupied towns, they imposed a system of forced marriage.

Attacks on women While the rebels would attack women on their way to the field, going to fetch water or even in their homes, the Islamists had a different approach, says lawyer and human rights defender Moctar Mariko.

This is the first independent attempt to bring justice for the victims.

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The organization has helped women with medical assistance, counseling, safe places to stay and help to start their legal complaints.In Timbuktu Ansar Dine, another Islamist group, and al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, AQIM, committed a majority of the violations against women.Little redress To date, very little has been done to help the women.Others became pregnant as a result of the assault,” Mariko says.Some women tell their daughters to keep quiet about what the armed men did to them, not even telling their husbands, afraid their daughters will not be married.

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