Manila sex room

It was actually a larger, nicer room than the Corporate Inn.

I was on the 9th floor with a wonderful view overlooking the city, the harbor, EDSA Boulevard and the EDSA Entertainment Complex. I made a daily trek to the Heritage to get my Asian Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Manila paper!

At 6’2" I was longer than the bed, a standard double, I assume.

Often I lay diagonally which wouldn’t have worked if I had a take–out bar girl.

I paid P2400 (US)/night which was plus 10% GST plus another tax for 3 nights. The room was quite nice and there was no problem bringing in girls for the night.

It is directly across the street from a larger Holiday Inn where I got my daily Manila paper, Asian Wall Street Journal and USA Today (Asian edition is smaller than U.

Robbery however is common, since culturally they also believe in sharing what they have with others (even if have to rob).

I had a fake wallet in my back pocket and my real wallet in front.

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It was only about $US3 more than a studio and the bedroom part was much bigger than in a studio.Hotel security asks for your room number whenever you leave or return and records it in a log. The night guard got to know me well since I went out so much both to walk around, get food, or take a hotel assigned taxi.The ID card in the taxi actually said Copacabana and the hotel had their own assigned taxis for security of guests.Also the TV was very tiny and set on the nice countertop but a long way from the bed. I mostly kept up with the news and markets by watching CNN and a CBS news station.The water pressure was also quite low in the sink and shower.

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