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Note: Filmed September 23, 1964 With her husband working overtime, Samantha is bored and agrees to have lunch in Paris with Endora.She happens to run into Larry and Louise Tate while there, creating confusion and hard feelings between Samantha and Darrin. Note: Filmed October 6, 1964 Darrin meets his father-in-law Maurice (Maurice Evans), who disapproves of his daughter's marriage to a mortal. Samantha begs for his return, with even Endora supporting her daughter.Darrin is thrilled until he suspects Samantha of using magic to help. ", broadcast November 21, 1968, and again in Season 8 as "A Good Turn Never Goes Unpunished", broadcast March 11, 1972.To help a boy named Marshall Burns (guest star Jimmy Mathers) gain self-confidence, Samantha uses her magic to help him to become a star baseball player.He has stated, "My earliest memories were on the cattle stations up in the Outback, and then we moved back to Melbourne and then back out there and then back again.Certainly most of my childhood was in Melbourne but probably my most vivid memories were up there in Bulman with crocodiles and buffalo.Darrin accepts Samantha regardless, and she promises "love, honor and no witchcraft", but Endora (Agnes Moorehead), her evil witch mother, does not approve of the marriage.Later at a dinner party, Samantha uses her powers to get back at Darrin's condescending ex-girlfriend Sheila (Nancy Kovack). When Samantha and Darrin purchase their first home together, Samantha and Endora use their magic to see what it would be like fully furnished.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he revealed that to prepare for the role of starving sailors, the cast was put on a diet of 500–600 calories a day to lose weight.

Note: Rehearsal for the pilot was to begin November 22, 1963, but was postponed due to the assassination of John F. But their nosy neighbor Gladys Kravitz (Alice Pearce) witnesses the acts of magic and becomes shocked and hysterical.

Note: This episode was completed along with the next five on September 11, 1964.

After Darrin dissuades her from using further supernatural help, she instead tries to persuade the boy's overprotective mother (June Lockhart) to support him.

Darrin's latest client wants to use a stereotypical ugly witch to promote his Halloween candy.

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