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Some unscrupulous married gentlemen get their thrills from flirting on dating sites.There is also a very real danger that you could find yourself infatuated with the imagined version of your suitor.Remember that your date's actions are probably the result of a lot of nervous deliberation and should not necessarily be taken too seriously; give them the benefit of the doubt.Dinner dates have their own rules for dating etiquette.A woman could explain that she appreciates the man's desire to treat her, but it is important to her to also contribute.No matter what your situation, don't expect or demand anything.

Nothing is so important it cannot wait until the date is over.

One good approach is to bring the topic up after the first or second date.

If the man has been paying, he could indicate his fear of being too presumptuous and domineering by automatically paying every bill.

Much of a date is getting to know the other person, so be sure to ask questions. Ask questions, but do not question your date about their answers. Nothing turns a man off more than getting cut off or not being able to get a word in. Not only will this be appreciated, but true chemistry absolutely depends on it.

Whether or not you feel a connection, the other person should be your number one priority throughout the entire date.

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