Most intimidating mascot Am sexcep

Penguins might be one of the most universally adored animals, just ahead of pandas and droopy dogs (and four thousand steps above silverfish and Manimal). (It’s why no one’s afraid to play the Linux programmers in basketball.) I get that it’s supposed to resemble a trail of Space Fire coming out of his head, but I strongly question the decision to make the mascot a ginger.The nickname isn’t the non-sequitur it initially appears to be; TAMU-CC is actually on Ward Island in Corpus Christi. A gorlok has the paws of a cheetah (for speed), the horns of a buffalo (for toughness) and the face of a Saint Bernard (for, uh, licking?This same year saw the retirement of associated mascot, Prince Lightfoot.For the next decade, the red-clad Stanford athletes were simply referred to as Cardinal (in reference to the color, as opposed to the bird).Indeed, the Stanford Tree has been the source of some controversy over the years, if only for the fact that it routinely finds itself ranked highly on lists of both the best and worst mascots in the business.Suffice it to say that affections for the Stanford Tree are sharply divided.

If the green eyebrows don’t seal the mascot’s fate on this list, the grass skirt does. Weird, I never thought Waldorf and Statler’s comments were even REMOTELY diplomatic.Like many mascots on this list, the Tree owes its initiation to growing sensitivity over derogatory characterization of Native Americans in college sports.Stanford discontinued its use of the Stanford Indians nickname under the pressure of student protest in 1972.Peter goes back to 1965, when a student vote made the eccentric creature the face of its organization.Inspired by the characters that populated Johnny Hart’s long-running B. comic strip, Peter the Anteater is famed for his battle cry.

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