Objectdatasource onupdating gridview

If the Enable Paging property is set to true, the Start Row Index Parameter Name and Maximum Rows Parameter Name properties must be set to the names of the parameters of the object method identified by the Select Method property that accept the values for the starting record to retrieve and the number of records to retrieve i.e.The Sort Parameter Name property is used to support object data source sorting.Common" Update Method="Save Pipeline User" On Inserting="obj Common_Inserting" On Updating="obj Common_Updating" This means that the First Name column from your db will be printed in the column.However, it also pulls the entered value from the textbox when you are updating and sends it to your Object Data Source's Update Method.

NET 2.0, and implement the simple demonstration of Sql Data Source Control.

Additionally a sample calculated field is added that can be used in the report definition in the same way as a regular field.

ALTER PROCEDURE users_Update Faculty @EMAIL NVARCHAR(100), @ISLOCKEDOUT BIT, @MOBILENUMBER BIGINT, @USERNAME nvarchar(100) AS BEGIN UPDATE aspnet_Users SET [email protected] where [email protected] UPDATE ASPNET_MEMBERSHIP SET EMAIL = @EMAIL, LOWEREDEMAIL = LOWER(@EMAIL), [email protected] WHERE USERID = (SELECT USERID FROM ASPNET_USERS WHERE [email protected]) END Found the solution: The Select Columns and the Update Parameters should match in order to update using Sql Data Source, that means if you select(query or procedure) is returning 3 fields in gridview, then all of them should be the parameter for the update, you can miss out the actual updations in database if not required, but the I dont think your solution is OK, since I have to use the atribute Old Values Parameter Format String="original_" that means that I would have doble parameters, the ones with the original values and the ones with edited values.

Can anyone explain to me why my values are not being carried forward?

I've spent about a day and a half working on this issue and was able to get around this by just going with the Grid View's Row Updating event and grabbing values from grid to manually get it to update.

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