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Feminists take the woman's side always on everything, so there's no resolution when two women, or two groups of women, or their doltish White Knights, are fighting over anything.

All it does is suck all the oxygen out of the atmosphere and contribute to global warming.

Ryan actually misses the better, simpler darwinian argument: Age alone should be a single, easily observable, decent proxy for male fitness in primitive environments.And lastly, my wife is older than me (but far prettier).Taking apart anything Hugo says is just a waste of time.Infant mortality and childhood deaths bring the life expectancy down, bringing it to the thirties and forties, even though there's not much evidence to show that adult prehistoric peoples were dropping dead at 35-40.I think that it was by looking at teeth that we can't tell if a full grown adult is older than 35, so many skeletons were simply recorded as 35 , so these life expectancy calculations greatly misinterpret the data. Evolution wise, it is also true that a 40-something man is unlikely to win a fight with an 18-year-old in his physical prime.

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