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I was 21 years old when I started online dating, but I felt more like 20-FUN years old, if you get my meaning.(My meaning is that I was probably drinking too much and I didn’t know that about half the men in New York who claimed to be “fashion photographers” just, like, owned a reasonable camera and once had a tall girlfriend, but I thought I was so lucky to date them.)My dating profile photo collections back then were all lecherous, suggestive open-mouthed smiles and shrink-wrapped American Apparel ensembles worn to what may have been actual honest-to-God raves.Plenty of these whippersnappers have taken to heart that time is a construct that does not actually exist—which is to say that age differentials don’t matter so long as he’s hot for you.I started out swiping right on dashing 24-year-old guys who do that rowing-boats-as-a-sport thing—because arms and stamina don’t stop being hot just because I remember the first Bush administration—but I didn’t expect anything to come from it.It just became normal, as more and more people realized that the internet is, indeed, a legitimate communication pathway and that “real life” people use it to connect to each other.But if it ever gotten cool, I certainly got there before that time—I was online dating in the year of our Lord 2007, before most people currently alive were even born.No matter which side of the dating spectrum you’re on, there is definitely an online dating service that’s right for you.

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A writer, artist, and designer since she was young enough to put pencil to paper, Hilary taught herself code and created Urbanette when she was a teenager.

Five years ago, I would have preferred to chew on the raw organs of a rabid possum over having to say, “I’m looking for a boyfriend who would ideally end up being my husband,” but now it feels totally normal.

Being sized up as breeding stock is still not totally normal but, hey, I’m semi-flattered that they’d consider mixing genes with me.

What I found instead was a veritable feast of f*ckable dudes who were not only picking up what I was throwing down, but also apparently had learned that the correct way to react to a text message from a woman you’re seeing is to actually answer it in full sentences within a few hours of receiving it. This realization is just one of many genuinely surprising-in-a-good-way discoveries I've made since trying the whole dating thing again, this time as an older and wiser woman in her 30s.

In no real order, here are some more: Better yet, the pervasive myth that women become shriveled harridans after 30 couldn’t be further from the truth.

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