Orthotic accomodating shoes Chat six oxat

Accommodative orthoses may be made of a wide range of materials such as cork, leather, plastic foams, and rubber materials.

They are generally more flexible and soft than functional foot orthoses.

They are fabricated from a three dimensional model of the foot which may be made by taking a plaster mold of the foot, stepping into a box of compressible foam, or scanning the foot with a mechanical or optical scanner.

Functional foot orthoses are useful in the treatment of a very wide range of painful conditions of the foot and lower extremities.

In addition, prescription foot orthoses help prevent future problems from occurring in the foot and lower extremity by reducing abnormal or pathological forces acting on the foot and lower extremity.

A prescription foot orthosis is more commonly known by the public as a "foot orthotic".

However, accommodative and functional foot orthoses are generally made using different materials and may not look or feel the same.

Both types of prescription foot orthoses are nearly always prescribed as a pair to allow more normal function of both feet [similar to having both the left and right wheels of a car realigned in a front end alignment].

They are relatively thin and easily fit into most types of shoes.Functional Foot Orthoses Functional foot orthoses are used to correct abnormal foot function and, in so doing, also correct for abnormal lower extremity function.Some types of functional foot orthoses may also be designed to accommodate painful areas on the bottoms of the foot, just like accommodative foot orthoses.Podiatrists prescribe two main types of prescription foot orthoses for their patients, accommodative orthoses and functional foot orthoses.Both types of prescription foot orthoses are used to correct the foot plant of the patient so that the pain in their foot or lower extremity will improve so that normal activities can be resumed without pain.

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